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Safer Socialising Award

NABCP has developed the Safer Socialising Award (SSA) to provide an inspected award scheme for the evening economy and licensed members of business crime reduction partnerships. The purpose of the award scheme is to encourage licensed premises members to achieve higher standards of management and operation as a demonstration of their ability to help reduce crime and disorder and anti-social behaviour in pubs, clubs and licensed premises. It rewards those licensed premises who can achieve the standards.


The Safer Socialising Award is managed by the partnership and a certificate is awarded to successful premises by them following an inspection process involving the partnership, police, local authority licensing and the fire service. Window stickers can also be issued by the partnership with their logo to publicise the role of the partnership in the process.


Safer Socialising Awards are re-inspected every two years by the partnership in conjunction with the other agencies to ensure that high standards of management are maintained. The award will encourage licensed premises to become members of the local partnership, to be part of this responsible management scheme, to see themselves as making a positive contribution towards local community safety and to reassure the public that local licensed premises are safe and pleasant places for people to visit.


The Safer Socialising Award is open to business crime reduction partnerships who are members of NABCP and are holders of a current Safer Business Award accreditation. Management of the SSA rests with the partnership, subject to assessment of the Safer Business Award and Safer Socialising Award procedures by NABCP.


Safer Socialising Award documentation can be downloaded from the members' area.


Use of the 'Safer Socialising Award' designation or logo may not be used by any partnership which does not possess a current Safer Business Award, nor by any other organisation without the written consent of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships Ltd.