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About Us

Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs) perform a valuable function as part of local community efforts to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour which effects businesses, their staff, customers and the community. Their work is now recognised by police, community safety and community safety partnerships as providing a valuable source of information and demonstrating practical steps to identify offenders and anti-social elements and to work together to manage their behaviour more effectively.


The National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP) was established as Action Against Business Crime in 2004 as part of a home office initiative to develop and accredit 100 new business crime reduction partnerships in England and Wales.  In 2009 it became an independent not-for-profit organisation and changed its name to the Association of Business Crime Partnerships.  In 2014 it changed its name to the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships Limited (NABCP) in recognition of its enhanced role in being the national voice for accredited BCRPs.  NABCP is dedicated to the support of accredited BCRPs, and representing them and their work to government, police and other agencies working in the field of business and community crime prevention.  Its objectives are to provide a national support service for BCRPs, to encourage the development of local BCRPs and to ensure that there are firm links between their business members, community safety partnerships, police and other relevant local and regional agencies.


NABCP encourages sharing of best practice in reducing crime, provides advice and information to ensure partnerships are sustainable and financially sound, develops services and products for partnerships and ensures that the problems of business are better understood through campaigning, publicity and education.



The mission of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships is to reduce acquisitive and violent crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour against businesses, their premises, staff and customers. Acquisitive crime means theft, burglary, car crime and robbery. Violence means assault, threats, intimidation and abuse. Disorder and anti-social behaviour means, drunkenness, abusive and threatening behaviour, obscene language and criminal damage.



The board and partnership council has developed a business plan for the new organisation, supported by an action plan setting out what we want to achieve. Our action plan will be driven by member involvement and will evolve as objectives are achieved and new ones added in what will be a a rolling process.